Selecting and buying right ingredients is a fun part of Japanese cooking. From time to time, particularly finding seasonings becomes a challenge. We will guide you where to find ingredients you need at right prices, ideally in your neighborhood.  We will be also delighted to introduce you to speciality stores where you will find high quality ingredients and utensils that Professionals use e.g. seaweed, bonito flakes, knives and pans.

Our two favorite locations for fun shopping are Kappabashi and Tsukiji. Kappabashi used to be a wholesale district for restaurants and professional chefs. Now open to anyone including foreign tourists, strolling Kappabashi looking for your favorite kitchen utensils can be a totally satisfying experience. On the both sides of the Kappabashi Dougugai Street, there are more than 80 shops of variety selling from cooking tools to restaurant signs and aprons. We can direct you to right shops to find what you are looking for including famous Japanese cooking knives. These shops are open from 10:00 am and close after 4:00 pm.

Tsukiji Fish Market is not moving soon! Fish auction starts from 5:30 am. These days foreign tourists start wondering around in Tsukiji from 5:00 am, some being ready to start a line in front of a popular sushi restaurant. Shops outside of the wholesale market get active after 6:30 am. Tsukiji is where you mainly buy fish and seafood groceries. There are a half dozen Japanese seasoning shops which sell a variety of dried kelp and fish flakes. The quality of these products are far beyond what you can find at Japanese supermarkets. We will be happy to take you to a few shops of our favorite and buy right products. After a tour of Tsukiji, we can eat outstanding tuna sushi at a best sushi restaurant in the area. We know the CEO of a tuna dealer who runs two sushi restaurants in Tokyo. One of them is in Tsukiji but not in the area where foreign tourists stand in hours before they get finally seated. If you love sushi, this cannot be missed. We will be happy to help you.