After almost 3 years of absence, I am back in business. But not for money for sure. Last September, I was on a panel at the 9th Global Cooking Conference in Hakodate. COVID-19 has changed the mind set of many chefs. Many of them are paying more attention to local produce and community. I spent two full days with famous chefs and food writers. Very rich experience with good food.
Late December, I hosted a Christmas dinner for Ukrainian university students by serving both Japanese and Ukrainian dishes. There are about 40 students studying at 8 Japanese universities. They moved to Japan in May, three months after Russia invaded Ukraine. Their travel expenses, per diem and tuitions are all paid by these universities, alumni and volunteers. Coincidentally from December, I have been teaching Japanese home-cooking to a Ukrainian. Of course, for free.
From February, I will resume “Wai-Wai in English” at Japan Gastronomy Association’s new kitchen near the Yoyogi Park. So, please stay tuned!