From today, GFC Tokyo is taking a renewed start. Going forward, I will offer programs from the JGA Kitchen owned by Japan Gastronomy Association (Chairman Kotaro Kashiwabara). I am a founding member of the JGA and serves on its board as a Director. Already from early last year, I have been hosting monthly “Wai-Wai in English! “ as JGA’s regular program. This is primarily or English speakers who love cooking and enjoy conversing in English over good food and drinks. From this fall, I plan to restart Japanese Washoku cooking classes for the foreign residents in Tokyo. The course will be offered in English.
From last year, I launched a study group in my hometown Sapporo to explore opportunities for Social Gastronomy Movement in Hokkaido. SGM has established strong footprints in Europe and Americas, but in Japan it is yet in an infant stage. It aims to change the society for better with the power of food, far more than making contributions.
I became a full member of Sociedad “Cottage of Port” in Hakodate. Sociedad was founded by Chef Koji Fukaya who is the owner chef of well-known Spanish Basque restaurants Restaurant Vascu and La Concha in Hakodate. My contributions as a Sociedad member include cooking pinchos for Hakodate’s bi-annual “Hakodate Bar-Gai”, a one-night strolling fun event by stopping by at bars and restaurants for tasting food and drinks. Last October、I attended the 9th World Food Conference in Hakodate, which also Chef Fukaya started in 2008. It was a great opportunity for me to interact with many well respected chefs. I hope to support the next conference as a member of the executive office, which is scheduled for next April.
Finally, while photos of a variety of subjects are already posted in Pinterest, I hope to write stories which are not related to food or cooking.